initioBREAKTHROUGH Energy Technology

There is little doubt remaining that climate change is having a serious effect on the environment, population and economies of the world.  There is an opportunity to address these effects in a manner that significantly reduces the impacts of climate change WHILE producing economic benefits to investors and companies responsible for supporting and improving living standards in today’s world.

What makes it BREAKTHROUGH Tech?

Speed to market and a large accessible market size

Speed to market

  • Less than 10 years from ideation to first product
  • Must decarbonize transparently
  • Deployment leverages existing infrastructure or causes no BAU disruption
  • Services provided are unaffected or better

Large accessible market size

  • Able to remediate a minimum of 1% of global GHG emissions per annum

Market Sectors

According to the CDB Climate Change Report (2018), the decarbonisation of energy, land use, manufacturing, built environment and transportation markets is a $2.2T market opportunity. This is a unique market opportunity that can only be addressed by developing high impact technology solutions.


Land / Ocean Use


Build Environment


+$2.2 Trillion

Implementation opportunity

-$312 Billion

Implementation cost

+$1.9 Trillion

Net market opportunity

Investment Opportunity

Initio will both initiate and fund companies developing breakthrough energy technology solutions - we call this “Make or Buy”

market analysis

Market Analysis


Technology Formulation

Technology Formulation


make or buy

Make or Buy

Market Analysis and Tehcnology Formulation
Our partners Innovative Breakthrough Energy Technologies (IBET) provide experience from laboratory to serial manufacturing/plant installation and give us the advantage when identifying emission market gaps. The extensive ground work put in by these highly skilled, experienced and successful clean tech professionals, ensures that successful clean tech investors are connected with promising technology venture entrepreneurs.

Learn more about IBET’s products and BREAKTHROUGH technologies

Initio initiated companies (Make) target solutions through working with real customers and addressing their issues to not only address climate issues, but improve production, reduce costs and produce profitable solutions.  This allows us to develop unique and proprietary high impact, high yield deal flow generation.

We are creating a unique multi-stage fund structure (Buy) which allows LPs access to early stage high impact companies all the way to later stage company opportunities addressing the market (Make or Buy ability), thus generating returns earlier in the cycle, allowing the seed/early stage companies to mature, and greatly improves the return to risk ratio for LPs.

We have successfully used this unique strategy and our people to launch a breakthrough high impact venture, targeting real issues with several large energy companies.

Our Team

An unique combination of highly experienced investors, market domain experts and venture creation specialists

Led by Derek Lew, Jim Charlton and Chris Reid along with a team of seasoned venture capitalists, market domain experts, operators and venture creation specialists, we can identify issues and opportunities, and determine whether there is a Make or Buy investment opportunity.  Our team are experts in understanding technical solutions to address key de-carbonization issues facing companies today.  We identify Make opportunities or Buy situations others would not easily comprehend thereby creating unique deal flow access.

Derek Lew venture capitalist, fund manager, board director, lawyer, investor

Derek Lew

venture capitalist, fund manager, board director, lawyer, investor

Jim Charlton venture capitalist, fund manager, board director, M&A specialist

Jim Charlton

venture capitalist, fund manager, board director, M&A specialist

Chris Reid company founder, CEO, engineer, climate technology specialist

Chris Reid

company founder, CEO, engineer, climate technology specialist

Dr. Denis Connor

engineer, entrepreneur, manager, climate specialist

Michael Brown

venture capitalist, entrepreneur, SDTC director

Dr. Walter Merida

engineer, academic, UBC Associate Dean of Engineering

Gary Schubak

marketing specialist, director, engineer, entrepreneur

Ken Kratchsmar

climate technology specialist, CTO, engineer, entrepreneur

BREAKTHROUGH Development Partners

Customer requirement document and technology formulation collaborators
British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
Cenovus Energy
Emissions Reduction Alberta
Imperial COllege London
Idaho National Laboratory
Pusan National University
University of St. Andrews
Stanford University
Suncor Energy
Universitat d'Alacant
University of Calgary
University of Washington